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Free Stuff Archive 2

The following page lists shed loads of UK Free Stuff, many of which are still live offers. Click to see our latest up-to-date freebies.

Clipart.com for 6 million items of clipart, photos, fonts and more...

Clipart.com are offering 1 years of unlimited downloads of their 6 million clipart images, photos, fonts, backgrounds and web images and more all for $129.95.

I've used this service for over 4 years and it's simply indespensible for anyone involved in web or graphic design.

One tip though, if you're in the UK and are buying a subscription for your Company and if it's VAT registered, make sure you enter your VAT registration number on the order form otherwise you'll end up getting charged VAT on the transaction, above the $129.95 pricetag.

Fre Hair Styling DVD from GHD

GHD is offering an easy-to-follow styling guide to achieve that straight-out of-the-salon look every day. Simply complete their quick form on their website and they will send the DVD direct to your door.

Loads of Freebies at CarRentals.co.uk

Click on the Family Active link on the left hand sode of the Car Rentals site to get access to many free offers including :-

  • Free Travel Tips
  • Free and Discounted Days Out Including Legolnd
  • Free Baby On Board Stickers
  • Free Walking Maps
  • Free Audiobooks
  • Free Kids Drawing Pens for Windows

Free Hard Water Test Strips from Kinetico

Kinetco are offering free hard water testing strips so you can check whether your water supply is hard or soft water.

Join the Wildlife Gang for Free and Get a Free Nouvelle Pen

Join the Wildlife Gang at Nouvelle and as well as them sending you details of their latest promotions and offers, they will send all members a free Nouvele pen.

Free Sample of Science - Selective Guinea Pig Food

Here's a freebie for pet lovers, Science Selective are offering a free sample of their Ginea Pig food.

If you would like a sample of their Guinea Pig grub, send an email with Selective Guinea Pig sample in the subject box to russel@suppet.co.uk, including your name and adress.

Free samples of Woven Personalised Name Tags

If you've got kids of school age, you'll know or be nagged into knowing that every item of their kit needs to be labeled with their name.

Easy2Name offers a personalised tag printing service and at the moment they are offering free samples printing in any name you choose.

Just ideal if you would like to label the odd item for yourself!

Two Free Samples and a Free Brochure of Bamboo Flooring

Why not try something a little more unusual than wooden floring.

The Bambo Flooring Company are offering two free samples of their stylish bambooo floring for you to see as well as a free brochure detailing all of their wares.


Win a PalmOne LiveDrive at InkFactory

The Ink Factery are offering a greay new competition where you can win a PalmOne Lifedrve which is a combined PDA, MP3 player and storage device.

They are also offering a free beach ball when you spend more than £16 on their ink cartidges which you can get many off on buy one get one free offer. 

Free Booklet on How to Make a Family Meal Out of Watercress

Well, I've just applied for ths freebie myself, out of curiosity, as I am intrigued to find out how to do this.

That said, I know my wife's family have made some very nice watercres soups in the past.

Free Bottle of Cwella Fruit Drink

Fill in their online feedback form and they will send you a voucher for a free bottle of Cwella fruit drink.

Remember, as I've mentioned before, if Tesco's sells this type of drink, you can exchange your voucher, even if you don't buy the product. Not sure if they do yet, so don't blame me if they don't accept the coupon!


Again, another apology, I've been on a little holiday over in Yorkshire for the last week and have really enjoyed it, but unfortunately not had net access to update the site. From today, we're back to normal and there will be lots of new freebies today and in the coming week...

To start things off a quick free DVD. Sage are offering a free DVD on fly fishing. Simply complete you're details and they will send you the frrebie.

If you've got young kids, you will know how tricky it can be to get them to sleep well. Bebebag are offering the free Bebebag Sleep Tipz for Kids Booklet, just fill in the quick form and they will send it to you and with luck both your nippers and you will get some good kip.

3 Months Broadband for £9.95 from Tesco

Tecso Broadband are offering a great 512Mb offer on their broadband service, with the 1st free months on offer for only £9.95 a month. Unlike many other cheap broadbnd providers, Tesco don't have any bandwidth limits to their service and you also get a free broadband modem and free connection, plus Tesco Clubcrd points too.

If you don't have access to broadband in your area, Tesco also offer a great 1p a minute pay-as-you-go dialup account which is worth investigating.



Firth thing today, apologies for not updating things over the last few days, I've been away on business and just not been able to get online as much as I would have liked.

Now for starters here's a couple of free magazine samples you can apply for...

Free Dancing Times Sample

Simply send them a quick email with your adddress and they will send you a free sample of the Dancing Times magaznie.

Free Parliament Magazine Sample

If you're into politics you should be interested in this free mag sample of Parliament, a magazin all about European Politics and Policy.

Get yourself on TV for free

beonscreen UK is your ticket to appearing on television programmes and to get free audience tickets.

It's free to join their basic programme too. Just click on the link on the right of their homepage.

Totally Free Inline Dating

Midsummers Eve are a totally free online dating outfit where you can join they programme for nowt.

Looks like quite a good site too, with not just fake model photos throughout.

Free Holiday and Product Bruchures

Quickly sign up for Brochures4Me and you'll get immediate access to 100s of brochures which they will send you for nowt.

Tailor your junk post with the Royal Mail

THe Royal Mail are now offering this free service so that you can specify what kind of marketing post you want and what kind you don't, so with luck you'll get more of the kind of stuff which will actually interest you and less of the stuff you just file without reading.


Amazing Value Professional Logo Design for Your Business for Only £50

If you run a business you should know how important good image is. Part of that image is having a professional logo design. As most professional logo designs cost many hundreds of pounds, a lot of businesses simply don't bother getting one designed for them.

With MRS Design, things are now different. Your business can get a professional logo design for only £50 including VAT. Why spend more!

They also offer very competitively priced professional stationery designs if you need the full corporate image.


Free Irn Bru Badge

Iron Bru are offering free badges when you sign up for their club.

Simply click on the Sign Up link at the bottom of their page and follow the instructions and Irn Brew will send you a free badge!

Free 90g Belazu Rose Harrisa Jar Worth £3.59

To get a free jar of Rose Harissa simply enter the promo code ZST0705 on their website then complete your details...

If you don't know what Rose Harrissa is, here is their description...

Rose petals are one of over forty spices added to give this paste its unique aroma and complex, yet unmistakably spicy, taste. Harissa was originally a staple of Tunisian cooking but is used throughout North Africa as a seasoning or condiment. It has a hot kick to it but the rose petals in the sauce provide a unique balance to the chilli heat.

Free Pet Food Sample and Product Guide from Vitalin

Vilatin are offering a free sample and free product guide of their pet foood if you complete their online response form.

Free Estee Lauder Lip Stick Sample at Boots

Simply print and fill in the voucher and take it along to your local Booots the Chemists to get you free sample of Pure Colour lipstik from Este Lauder.


Free Tickets to the Red Bull Air Races

Take yourself back to the 1930s and the daredevil feats of the Schnieder Cup air races.

Red Bulll are this year sponsoring a series of great air races across Europe and the World.

The next event is at the Rock of Cashel in Ireland on July 24 2005, and they are offering free tickets to this event.

Son't worry if you can't make it the Ireland, if you live in England they is also a series of air races at Longleat on 7 August 2005.

These tickets are available by a random lottery and you can enter for free here.

Free Disposable Barbeque and Apron

The RSPCA are giving away a higher welfare summar BBQ kit to promote the better keeping of chickens and other livestock.

Simply complete their registration form and they will snd you...

  • A 'Make the Healthy Choice for Chicken' BBQ guide, which includes top tips to make your BBQ a sizzling success and a recipe from TV's celebrity chef, Lesley Waters.
  • A £1 money-off coupon, redeemable against Co-op chicken reared to the RSPCA's Freedom Food standards.
  • An exclusive BBQ apron, displaying the slogan 'I've made the healthy choice for chicken'.
  • A disposable barbecue.

Free BT Caller Display and Free BT Telephone Preference Service

BT are now offering free caller display and a telephone prference service under the banner of their BT Privacy at Home service.

I'm currently using their Calling Features Pack 4 for the caller display and that costs about £3 a month and comes with other features I don't really need.

So, my 1st job on Monday is to cancel that and then sign up for this free package.

Buy One Get One Free Meal at TGI Fridays

TIG Fridays are offering a free main meal if you buy one for the whole of July.

All you need to do is print of the voucher and take it alone to your nearest TGI Friday and as per usual you only pay for the most expensive meal, and you get the cheapest free.

Tip : As mentioned, this offer end on 31 July 2005

Buy One Get One Free Inkjet Cartridges plus Freee Delivery

The Ink Factory are currently offering buy one get one free including free delivery on a wide range of Jetec ink cartridges.

Why pay several times the price for original cartridges when you can get ones that are just as good for so cheap.

I've personally been using remanufactured cartridges for about a year now and would not even consider going back to Epson originals.

Actually, I found out that it would be more expensive to buy a full set of orginal cartriges for my printer that to buy a new printer of exactly the same model which included a set of inkjt catridges.

Find the best online bargains by comparing all the top online shops at Pricerunner

Whether you're looking for the best prices on CDs, DVDs, Books, Fridges, Cookers or even Cars and Holidays. Pricerunner can help you.

Free Travel Brochures and Cataloges

Travelogue are agreat site for when you're looking for your next holiday. Rather than tramping down to the travel agent to pick up armfuls of brochures, simply request the lot for free quickly and easily via thie website.

Tip : To get your brochures, simply click on the Join Taveloge link at the top of their home page.

Free Dog Foood Sample

Franks Pro Gold are offering a freee sample of their dog food for you (or your dog) to try.

Simply complete their comtact form and they will post you a nice little meal for your mutt.

Free Tickets for BBC TV and Radio Shows

The BBC are currently offering free tickets to a great range of their TV and radio shosw including...

Free Bernard Mathews Recipe Cards

Simply fill in the Bernerd Matthews online registration and they will send you some great laminated recipe cards.

I've already applied and received this offer.

Free Legal Indie MP3 Music

Quite an unusual one this. Indy is a free internet application that aims to allow you to discover new music.

When the application is started it will download and play you a song. Then you get a chance to rate it.

As you rate more songs, Indy will use your previous ratings to give you more of what you like, all for free.

What's best is that as all the downloads are in MP3 format and legal, you can easily build up a collection for your iPod without paying a cent.

Free Video and Music Codecs

Have you ever download a movie or music file onto to find that your favourite media player refuses to play it cos you don't have the right codec on your PC.

This website aims to fix that problem by providing a one stop shop for all the best free multimeda codesc available online.

Free £10 Voucher at Figleaves for You and a Friend

Reccomend a friend to Figleaves lingeri and goth them and you will be sent a free £10 voucher to spend at Figleves.

You will also be entered into a free prize draw to win a 7 day beach holiday every year for the next 3 years, including free car hire and travel insurance.


Amazingly Good Value Logo and Web Design Package

Mouse Knows are now offering a professional logo and 4 page website design package for only £250 including VAT

The package includes all the following...

  • Logo Design
  • 4 Page Web Design
  • Free .co.uk domain name
  • Free 12 months hosting
  • Free Online WYSIWYG editor
  • Free Online Website Stats

...and much more...

Free Online Flash Pacman Game

So you're getting a bit long in the tooth and remember playing packman on those old arcase consoles.

Now here is the chance to play whenever you like in the comfort of your own home and without downloading any dodgy applications.

Free Random Webcams

If you ever feel like people watching but are stuck in your home miles from anywhere (lucky you), then this site is excellent for giving you a great ong list of free webcms all over the world!

Free Technical Books

Techbooksforfree is a great site where you can gain access to a wide range of tecnical books online and for free. Books from Practical PHP Programming to How to Build a Successful Website are all there. Top site for techies!

Only the Best Freeware

Great site which was reccomended to me that contains just Windows free ware. They cover everything from free games, free office apps, free utilities, the lot.



Free Last 4 Beethovn Symphonies Available Today at the BBC

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago te BBC in the guise of Radio 3 are offering MP3 versions of all 9 Beetoven Symphonis to download.

Today is the last and only day when you can download the last 4 symphones (6 to 9).

After today number 6 will dissapear from the download options followed by the other 3 over the next few days.

So if you want to get your full set, you'd better do the download today!

Free Meal for you and upto 3 Friends at Wagamama

Wagamamma are an excellent chain of Japanese Noodle bars with 48 restaurants nationwide.

To celebrate the opening of their latest nooodle bar they are offering a complimentary meal to you on 11 or 12 of July 2005.

Unfortunately, the offers only for their new Wimbldon branch, but if you live in that direction, here's a chance for some free grub.

Free 5 A Day Wallchart

Get a free 5-a-day wallchart to help your kids eat more fruit and veg.

This great offer is coutesy of our freindly neighborhood NHS.

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